Angel Investors

Angel investors are high net worth individuals who invest in early stage ventures. Their goal is to stimulate business and economic development as well as achieve higher returns than the typical public markets provide.

Most angels are active investors and contribute their time and experience because they enjoy helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Most angels invest in industries or technologies they understand, and invest only in companies within close geographic proximity.

Angel Groups

Angel investor groups vary in structure: some pool funds and make investments as a group, while others hear entrepreneur pitches together but rely on individual members to invest on their own. Processes and standards for screening, due diligence and negotiating terms also vary between groups, but most have a standard pitch requirement and apply standard terms in their investments.

Central Valley Angel Group

The Central Valley Angel Group, located in Fresno, CA, was formed in September 2015. The group was formed by residents of the area who are interested in improving the local economy by providing capital to early stage companies. The group is structured as a member-managed fund, with members pooling capital and making investment decisions together.